A real estate move on the horizon…. Must do’s before listing!

Imagine being a buyer – clapping eyes on your property for the first time. How will it shape up – inviting to explore the inside or scary of what’s in stock judging from the exterior. You do not want the latter! Curb appeal can determine whether a buyer is lost or a bargain hunter has your property in sight.

First impressions are important. Be critical and then tackle those little tasks that could cost you big time before go to the market. A letterbox in need of a lick of paint / a dirty garage door / overgrown flower beds and a lawn begging for a mow – don’t let these get in your way to a successful sale at top dollar. Buyers’ perception are that the interior matches the exterior – so let it be a great one!

Starting with a groomed garden leading to a clean front door and welcoming mat is a good

introduction to your most valuable asset.

Inside needs to be uncluttered to make most of the space – remember that buyers are looking for space to place their furniture. Pack and store items out-of-the-way that might encroach on the spacious feel of your property.  Go a little further and neutralize the home by creating a blank canvas for buyers. Remove your photos and other visible personal belongings – they need to envisage themselves living there. Remember that buyers might open cupboard doors to check for sufficient space. Tidy the contents and remove surplus items – it creates a spacious and organised feel with sufficient space. 

Check the light bulbs, loose handles and anything that might negatively impact on an eye-pleasing finished look. Now do the duster dance: check all the corners / sills and finish off with giving those windows a sparkling clean look when the drapes / blinds are open.

Ready to step into a buyer’s shoes and do the walk through? Will it make the cut if you were to buy it?

Linda offers a free appraisal and chat on how to secure the most suitable buyer at the best possible price for your property.

Contact Linda on 022 64 50588 today! She’ll get you moving…

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Wanting a reno project – here’s some food for thought….

You need to consider a few aspects before starting a renovation – and plan accordingly.


People usually wait with upgrades until they want to sell before doing so – depriving themselves of the enjoyment of those improvements whilst still living in the home. Refurbishing your home will visually reward your efforts and living there will be even more enjoyable.

DIY or hiring a contractor

Smaller projects can easily be done if you have the skills and can persevere through the ups and downs of the task ahead. It is very rewarding to see the transformation, but if  unsure whether you can pull it off, rather engage a contractor for a professional result.

Renovation or add-on

Creating space by adding a room is costly and this should be measured against the value that will be added before setting out. It needs to boost the re-sale value of the property to make it worth spending a large amount of money in the first instance.                                       

It will be less costly to change an area to create a functional space e.g. an under-cover entertainment area which flows off the dining / lounge area enhancing outdoor living. Summer is about family and friends and a the garden will serve as extended living area.

Kitchen vs bathroom

These are the rooms that create a Wow! from buyers, but the kitchen can probably be the deal maker if within budget. A tired kitchen is off-putting because of the expenses and the disruptive nature of work to be carried out. A well planned, functional kitchen ensures top dollar when buyers are looking.

A bathroom revamp might be slightly cheaper and quicker, but not necessarily on par with an updated kitchen as more time is spent in the latter. After all – the kitchen is the heart of the home…

Gas or electric

Thinking of upgrading your stove? Electric seems to be favored for easy cleaning and safety around small children, but gas units are popular for their performance. It comes down to personal choice, but running costs should be factored in too.

Granite or quartz

Quartz counter tops seem to be the front-runner for many in the know. Granite has lost ground and is not the preferred choice anymore –  future buyers might not be too keen on it.

Grey or beige

Beige is out and grey has slowly taken over. A subtle mixture of the two colors seems to be popular as it tones the beige down whilst it warms the grey for the perfect neutral color.

Tiles or wood

Flooring trends include classic, easy care wood, but take scratching – depending on the type of wood and the finish – into consideration.  Tiles are easy to clean and are growing in popularity, but can be cold under foot.

Upgrading your home reflects your taste and needs. It is great to admire your handiwork once completed – and it might just inspire you to tackle more ambitious projects in future.   

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Hello Hamilton! Did you know?

Hamilton property values grew by 2.6% – with an average of $544,935. It offers affordable options to out-of-town buyers as a  family friendly city – parks, river walks and Hamilton Gardens being hot spots for its inhabitants.

City center is vibrant with the Casino and hotels within walking distance from the transport center. Shopping centers and eateries line the berms of Victoria Street and the mighty Waikato flows harmoniously alongside it.

Explore your options in this region – you might find the hidden gem you’re after…

Linda works with buyers looking for their next homes. She can help should you be house-hunting – call Linda to have that real estate chat!

Linda Dobson Mob: 022 64 50588


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December – Buyers’ property dreams came true!

Santa was not the only busy bloke last December. Many buyers – in fact 275 of them – were securing their new homes – and hopefully moved in – to enjoy their first Christmas in their own homes.

December – despite the holidays – gained 3.4% on November sales and the average days to sell went down from 35 to 34. The median house price increased by a whopping 6.1% to $565K – a record high for Hamilton – and it’s looking good for 2018 with stable interest rates, strong business confidence and a flourishing building industry that constantly delivers new homes and jobs.

Buyer demand remains high and with limited choice of homes for sale, it poses an opportunity to vendors to fetch top dollar with less competition. Many listings produce multi offers – to the financial benefit of the vendors.

Are you considering a real estate move or wanting to off load an investment? Now’s your chance – strike while the iron is hot! The market waits for no one….

Linda is doing FREE, NO OBLIGATION APPRAISALS all over Hamilton. She’d be delighted to talk to you about your most treasured possession.

Call Linda on 022 64 50588 today!

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Community spirit reigns….

The end result of a communal effort to spread the Christmas joy!

A BIG shout out to all contributors to the Farringdon / Wentworth roundabout              Communal Christmas Tree! 
Time to share joy and goodwill.
Make ours a caring and sharing community.

Wishing you and yours

a Merry Christmas
& a Prosperous 2018



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Happy Holidays!

An exciting year is drawing to a close and it’s time to relax with family and friends.

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe holiday season..

May 2018 treat you well and make your real estate dreams come true.

You’re welcome to contact Linda on 022 64 50588 for a FREE APPRAISAL to find out your property could fetch in today’s market




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Buyer demand still good in Hamilton

The election aftermath had little effect on property hunters – there are still buyers looking for their dream homes. Sales to the tune of 237 for October was realized and average days to sell a property stayed at 32 days – same as  in September. The median sale price sits at $535K for the month – slightly up on $518K from the previous month.

The OCR was unchanged earlier this month and there are still good interest rates to be negotiated with financial institutions. Getting onto the property ladder is still the better choice – take charge of your future and give your landlord the boot! It is a matter of shorter term pain to long-term gain….

Vendors are needed to provide choice to prospective buyers. Should you anticipate a real estate move in the near future, please contact Linda for a FREE market APPRAISAL of your property – you might be pleasantly surprised with your most valuable possession!

Linda is available to assist to find your next home – flick her a mail or contact her for a confidential chat on finding your new home!

Linda Dobson                                                                                                                              Mob:        +64 22 64 50588                                                                                                              Email:     linda.dobson33@gmail.com



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Investors’ Delight – Their future is Bright!

Opportunities like this are as scarce as hen’s teeth – you’ve got to grab it with both hands!

The purchasers have done just that – They secured a lovely family home with long-term passive income in a suburb that sprawl north and awaits the future Rototuna town centre development just round the corner.

It already boasts the Rototuna Junior High School – a feather in the suburb’s cap and Hamilton City Council’s plans for retail outlets, employment opportunities  and community facilities will be the cherry on top!

We wish them well with this golden nugget and look forward to welcome them to Hamilton in time to come. You could not have made a better choice coming from the           Big Smoke…



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Hamilton real estate – still a desirable address…

Hamilton offers much in public facilities, lifestyle options and great schools – all scattered around the river and beautiful bridges. Whether you’re into cycling or walking, the Waikato caters for picturesque landscapes where families can join in outdoor activities.

Hamilton real estate are still in demand from out-of-town buyers – be it an investment or a future home for themselves. Although sales (252) are slightly down on June (269), the median sale price have risen to $531,600 – almost on par with May and April. The average days to sell hovers around the mid thirties since April and 36 days in a changing market is looking good compared to January’s 47 days.

Purchasers are burdened with limited choice as winter tends to trim the numbers of properties available for sale. With spring fast approaching, this is a great opportunity to get a head start on the competition and make your property demand attention.

Should you contemplate a real estate move in the near future, you’re welcome to contact me for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION APPRAISAL. This might be your opportunity to use your property’s equity to secure your next home or an investment property for future passive income.

I’m ready when you are – Call today for a better tomorrow….

Linda Dobson                                                                                                                                             Mob: 022 64 50588

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How’s Hamilton real estate shaping up…

Sales are slightly down for June – 269 from 309 in May – as is the available properties for sale (672) attributed to  this time of year. The median sales price is up 6.2% year-on-year, but down to $515K (3.6%) on May.

The average days to sell went down to 32 days in June and stronger buyer  inquiry saw auction rooms liven up yet again. Vendors are delighted with the outcomes of this method of sale – and in a market with limited choice, it delivers top dollar.

Should you consider a real estate move, now is a great time to outrun the competition.  Why compete if you can steal the show and make your property jump out at buyers?

free ten minute-appraisal can change your real estate destiny – get the ball rolling!

Call Linda on 022 64 50588 Today!



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