Looking for a mortgage loan…

Consult a mortgage broker and determine their services to you.                                       Clarify any possible costs to you for such services/application/cancellation.                 Clarify who is paying the mortgage broker – you and/or the lender.                                   Compare charges of different mortgage brokers.                                                           Determine the total cost of the loan/fees/interest rate.                                                   Question terms and charges you’re not clear on.                                                                         Choose a loan that best suit your needs.

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About Linda Dobson

Linda Dobson - REAA 2008 Certified - is a sales associate for RE/MAX Country. She markets and sells residential properties with dedicated service to vendors to fetch to best possible price for their real estate. She gladly assists as a buyer's consultant to purchasers to find their ideal homes or investment properties and is results driven. She has a passion for real estate and see beyond the brick and mortar to address the needs and wants of both vendors and purchasers. Call Linda today for friendly, professional information and assistance for your next property move. www.property-spectrum.com
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